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Numerous the cultural and natural attractions offered by the area

Cinzia Hotel is located a stone’s throw from the historic center of Comacchio and the natural paths that stretch along the valleys of the Po delta.
From Comacchio until Porto Garibaldi and throughout the seven Lidi, swarming also restaurants and local menu rich in seafood


We have special and exclusive agreements for our guests with the Bagno Trattoria Bologna and with the Sapori di Mare e Ketchup restaurant. To find out more, ask our desk.

Historic center of Comacchio

The splendid lagoon town of Comacchio is a treasure-chest of unusual beauties and historical testimony, a little centre that was born and still lives between the land and the water, a past that you can still breathe in among the streets and the calm canals. The urban fabric is made up of pastel-coloured houses and “androni”, yards, across which you come to outbuildings overlooking the secondary canals.

Two historic sailing craft can once again be seen on the canals in the old centre: the ‘Riccardo I’, restored thanks to the persistence of a seaman and recognised as a “national asset of anthropological interest”, and the ‘Natale II’, an old cargo boat of 15 metres dating from 1946, reconstructed after much historical research, including replacing the two original masts and repairing the sails.

Natural pathways

The Comacchio Salt Pans, at the north-east corner of the lagoon, were made out of the former mouth of the Po di Eridano, which flowed to the north of where the lagoon currently is. They show the importance of the area as a source of salt since far-off times. After a period of great production. salt extraction definitively ceased in 1984.

From that moment, the lack of human intervention has transformed the salt pans into a paradise for naturalists, recognised by the European Community, and home to a remarkable variety of birds.
The wide pools of shallow water surrounded by kilometres of embankments covered in vegetation, have allowed the installation of colonies of aquatic birds of notable value to the naturalist, like the spoonbill and the splendid flamingo with its characteristic pink plumage on the wings.

Towards dusk the silhouettes of the birds stand out against the horizon, bringing life to an indescribable spectacle of beauty and harmony

For the fourth successive year, Comacchio provides the setting for the International Birdwatching and Nature Tourism Fair.

The 2007 event is in part dedicated to “slow tourism”, form sailing on the river, to cycle touring, to wine and food trails; pairing nature and good health.

The event also provides a full programme of seminars, conferences, classes and wxhibitions of photography, birdwatching courses, and teaching workshops, excursions, along with stands with optical and photographic equipment, and professional advice for all

Spare time

Fishing by motorboat from Portogaribaldi at any time of year. From every part of Italy and Europe more and more anthusiasts arrive, eager to try their luck on the rich waters of the Adriatic.
A motorboat trip becomes a day in the company of the local sailors and fishermen!

You can book excursions by day or night on the open sea to fish for mackerel, bonito or other fish by going direct to the proprietors of the vessels. February and March are ideal to coincide with migrating bream, then in the spring shoals of mackerel arrive and stay in the waters of the Alto Adriatico for some months.

The motorboats are equipped with rod holders, bat containers, ice, taps to wash the fish, and they make use of modern equipment to track fish and for marine security; echosounders, radar and GPS systems.
And everything is made still more pleasant by excellent cooking!

The gastronomy of the Comacchio seaboard expresses itself at its best in fish dishes, fish of the sea, the river, the lagoons – a staple food, and often the only one during difficult periods in the evolution of this place that was so long isolated from dry land.

From the historic centre of Comacchio to Porto Garibaldi – passing through every one of the seven Lidi – restaurants, trattorie and establishments of all sorts offer delicious fish menus; from tasty antipasti of cockles, clams, lobster, prawns, shrimps, and that essential, the marinated eel, to abundant grilled sole, sea bass, mullet, turbot, bream, stuffed cuttlefish, spitted prawns, passing through refined dishes like risotto di mare or alla pescatora, spaghetti with crab or prawns, and fish soup, all washed down by the wine of Bosco Eliceo, wines with the capacity to enhance any kind of fish, with their four DOC varieties, Fortana, Sauvignon, Bianco del Bosco and Merlot.

A delicacy of Delta cuisine, clebrated also in faraway lands, is the eel which has its natural habitat in the Comacchio lagoons, where, taking advantage of the influence of the tides and the eel’s own restless instinct, they are captured by the lavoriero, an old and ingenious system of fishing.

Local festivals

Comacchio > 27-28-29/09/2019 | 4-5-6/10/2019 |  11-12-13/10/2019
Info: tel. 0533314154 Ufficio Informazioni di Comacchio

Comacchio has built its history on the eel and for that reason celebrates it with a grand festival which attracts thousands of enthusiastio gourmets from all over Europe, the respect due to an important piece of Delta culture.

Porto Garibaldi > 18-19/05/2019 | 25-26/05/2019

Food stand for tasting of local fish cooked according to ancient tradition local fishermen, animation and other entertainment.

Porto Garibaldi > 02/06/2019

Festival which includes a procession at sea with
fishing boats, entertainment, funfair and fireworks

Info: tel. 0533314154 Ufficio Informazioni di Comacchio

In every corner of the Coast, ffrom the Comacchio Lidi to Cattolica, this evening acquires another colour. An evening dedicated to the female with rich programme of themed events, parties, places open till dawn, bars, restaurants and discotheques that open their doors to the gentle sex for a whirlwind of parties and rendez-vous.

Porto Garibaldi > 14th August 2019

On the quay of the canal port, free distribution of many kilos of “pesce azzurro”, (anohovles, sardines and mackerel), freshly caught and fried immediately, accompanied with cool local wine and tasty watermelon.
The food stalls are open from 19,30 till midnight, when the sky is lit up by a firework display on the sea.
To animate the evening dance orchestras, children’s entertainment and much happiness .

Lungomare di Porto Garibaldi > 7-8/06/2019

Lido degli Estensi 20/08/2019